i'm hungry!!!

food i make and food others make. just straight up food. so i hope this blog not only makes you drool all over your keyboards, but that it enlightens your minds and palates into the world that is, FOOD.

Anonymous said: I'll be back . I have more questions to ask you.
Do you know who this is? >:D

no. can you please tell me 

quick breakfast

sunday morning and only 15 minutes to eat breakfast, i decided to just make a little sandwich. some pan-fried spam, cheddar cheese, fried egg, and toasted bread. might be one of the best breakfast foods…ever.

back to cooking

everything is finally in place to relaunch culinarycreation! if anyone has any suggestions or ideas as to what i should cook next week, please leave me a note. Let it begin!

if your a real foodey…

decided to test out my new camera and just give y’all a look at what i am currently reading in my down time. Culinary Artistry by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page is an amazing book that really opens your eyes into the culinary industry. Recipes, stories, and even flavor pairings…this book is a must read. 


Hey everyone, FINALLY got a new camera. original content and new recipes…coming soon!

Anonymous said: What camera lighting do you use for the posts on the first page? (like this: http://culinarycreation.tumblr.com/post/4410702894/love-eating-cereal-late-at-night-like-now)

i actually did not take that picture myself. camera is currently down…